Will Taylor Swift be in Baltimore for the AFC Championship game?

Will Taylor Swift be in Baltimore for the AFC Championship game? Ravens fans and ‘Swifties’ hope so

“The last time it happened, I was in elementary school and I remember those pep rallies and getting together. I feel like a kid again,” Keimig said.

But now some Ravens fans are torn beyond their wildest dreams.

“I’m going against Miss Swift, and it doesn’t feel right, but I have to,” explained Keimig.

The Ravens will face the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship game. The winner will advance to the Super Bowl.

Sparks fly every time these two teams play, but this game hits different for Ravens fans who are also Taylor Swift fans.

Swift’s love story with Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce has some fans feeling conflicted, but Jessica Gehrke isn’t one of those fans.

“I am excited for Taylor to be there. I hope we get to see her there. I hope she has a great time. I hope Baltimore gives her the best hospitality and then I hope we send them home,” said Swiftie Jessica Gehrke.

Since Swift has been seen at a number of Chiefs games this season, many Swifties are confident she will make the trip to the holy ground of M&T Bank Stadium.

“For sure, she’s going to be there to support her man. She is so proud of Travis and he is so proud of her. If he is going all the way to Buenos Aires to watch her in concert, she is for sure coming to Baltimore,” Reina Twellman, another Taylor Swift fan, said.

If this was a movie, Baltimore-area Swifties couldn’t have written a better script.

“I want this to be like a blending of love. Lover era and not mean,” Swiftie Laura Goldstien said.