Taylor Swift’s entourage ‘rattled’ as stalker gets arrested again

The same unidentified male who attempted to break into her apartment on Saturday was apprehended again by authorities.

The man who attempted to break into Taylor Swift’s apartment on Saturday was arrested again on Monday, after seeming undeterred by his arrest just two days ago. The alleged stalker, who remains unidentified, was taken away by the NYPD after Swift’s security team called in a new request for his arrest

The middle-aged man did not cooperate with authorities and had to be tackled, according to what a neighbor told Page Six. To make matters more concerning, he is believed to have been lurking around her New York City home for at least a month.

The charges on Taylor Swift’s alleged stalker are still pending
According to the New York Police Department, the charges for Saturday’s initial arrest are still pending. Though the escalation in behavior will likely bring more urgency to the process. Neighbors expressed that the same man, who was displaying “very erratic behavior”, was actually seen lurking around Swift’s apartment just hours after his booking process on Saturday.

Residents in the area told the publication that numerous calls were made to report the man, who showed up to Swift’s apartment building at 3 pm ET, and was arrested three hours later. In the recent past, however, numerous calls were ignored, and action wasn’t taken until the man showed up to her door and attempted to break in.

When confronted by bypassers, in the past the man allegedly said he wanted “to see Taylor” and was even seen at one point holding flowers.

The suspect was formally arrested on Saturday due to a warrant being out for his arrest: a failure to answer a summons in 2015. Regardless of what happens in the near future, Taylor Swift’s security team is monitoring the situation and will be swift in reporting the man to authorities again in the future, if the need arises.