Jason Kelce might be his daughter Wyatt’s biggest fan!

Jason Kelce might be his daughter Wyatt’s biggest fan!

The Philadelphia Eagles player shared an adorable throwback video of the four-year-old being carried by her dad during her “first Pro Bowl appearance” on TikTok.

“Baby girl, you’re a rockstar. Look at this,” he tells Wyatt in the clip as a crowd of fans stands behind them. The NFL team could not help but agree, captioning the post, “Still a rockstar 4 years later #jasonkelce #probowl #nfl #girldad.”

The Eagles center shares Wyatt, along with daughters Elliotte, 2, and Bennett, who will turn 1 in February, with his wife Kylie.

Last month, Kylie told PEOPLE that Wyatt can easily recognize her dad and her uncle Travis, who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs, during football games.

“It’s funny. She enjoys watching here and there. We like to look at the TV for times when Jason might have his helmet off or Uncle Trav might have his helmet off. Those are the moments where I can really suck them into a game because then they don’t look like every other person on the field,” said Kylie.

When their helmets are off, they can say, ‘Oh, that’s definitely dad.’ Wyatt has recognized Jason’s number on his jersey. She calls it ‘sixty, number two,’ instead of 62,” she continued. “But same thing, she knows what she’s looking for.”

Although Jason has not decided what his future in the NFL will be, he became one of five Eagles football players who have earned seven or more trips to the Pro Bowl earlier this month.