REPORT: Taylor Swift’s Private Jet Will Make It To Las Vegas In Time For Super Bowl 58, But There’s Still One Massive Obstacle She’ll Encounter When She Gets There

Taylor Swift plans to attend the Super Bowl to support Travis Kelce next month, but she might not have the easiest time getting there.

The singer is due to perform in Tokyo, Japan the day before the game and should hop on a flight out right away to get her back on U.S. soil in time. But problems shouldn’t pop up until she’s in Las Vegas as private jet parking is sold out and has rich folk freaking out.

“A colleague of mine owns a hedge fund in New York, he got tickets for the game and presumably spent a lot of money for them,” a private jet insider told the New York Post. “I was going to Vegas with him.”

“They couldn’t find a slot and getting out on Sunday night felt risky. It’s not worth going if you can’t get home when you want to. They decided to leave the jet be and watch the game in New York.”