Year After Surprise Party for Olympia, Will Jehovah’s Witness Serena Williams Replicate the Feat to Ring in the Holiday Season?

Who says only special occasions call for celebration? Serena Williams certainly doesn’t. In 2017, the 23-time Grand Slam champion gave birth to her first daughter, Olympia Ohanian. Fast forward to almost a year later, everyone was anticipating a huge first birthday bash. But, “Olympia doesn’t celebrate birthdays. We’re Jehovah’s Witnesses, so we don’t do that,” said Williams. But that has never stopped her and Alexis Ohanian from making “every day as special and memorable as we can” for their daughter. That’s precisely how Williams surprised the world a year ago.

Being a Jehovah’s Witness, Serena Williams has always maintained a distance from celebrating ostentatious occasions. Why? Because Jehovah’s Witnesses “believe that such celebrations displease God.” So, instead of celebrating her now-six-year-old daughter’s birthday last year, the 42-year-old threw her a surprise Disney Princess Moana-themed party! After changing things up in December 2022, the question is: Will she do the same this year, especially since 2023 had even more cause for celebration?

This year, the Williams-Ohanian family expanded from three to four members, as Serena gave birth to another daughter—Adira River Ohanian—in August. Ohanian took to Instagram to write, “I’m grateful to report our house is teaming with love: a happy & healthy newborn girl and happy & healthy mama,” appreaciating Serena, the “GMOAT” (Greatest Mother of All-Time). Speaking of love, isn’t the holiday season all about family and togetherness?

Yes, Serena has stressed that her family doesn’t need a special occasion to celebrate. But random parties is what they do. So who’s to say it can’t happen once again this year? Whatever happens, one thing’s for sure. Her fans will be keeping an eye out on social media.

Since retiring from professional tennis in 2022, the former world No.1 has dove deeper into her religion. She realized that turning to prayer helped her with anxiety, especially when it comes to parenting Olympia. Surprisingly, what she revaled perfectly aligned with her thought process 10 years before Olympia was even born.

Back in 2007, in an interview with the New York Times, Serena Williams opened up about how, with the passage of time, she had developed a great relationship with God. Along with that, she revealed how, because of her strong foundation and her connection to her religion, she does not have the urge to go against the Bible.

Williams stated, “I tried to develop a better relationship with God. You have a strong solid foundation, the Bible says, you won’t crack, but the man who built his house in the sand, his house went down spiritually.” Although she and Alexis Ohanian do not celebrate birthdays, the couple believes that having little parties for their daughter from time to time is a great idea, just as they did in 2022. But what did Williams have to say about parenting Olympia?