WATCH: Taylor Swift tearfully revealed, “I never thought he’d propose tonight,” as Travis Kelce joyfully popped the question just hours after the Chiefs clashed with the Bengals…

“My boyfriend, Calvin Locke, owner of Grille 55 and Pure Soul and Seafood in Cleveland, Ohio, is Travis’ friend and has known him since the 7th grade,” Jackson shared. “We were in the suite at the game, which was filled with family and friends. Taylor is an absolute sweetheart.

She is very down-to-earth and kind.”Jackson also shared that she had the chance to spend some time with the couple at a Kansas City pop-up Christmas bar. “We had an amazing time,” she said. “Patrick Mahomes was also there. He was nice and took a picture for my nephew.”

When asked about Kelce’s upcoming birthday celebration for Swift, Jackson hinted that it could be more than just a party. “There are whispers that he could use the opportunity to propose-that’s what everyone, including Taylor, is hoping for!”, she revealed.

While the couple may be going strong, they are still in the early stages of their relationship and will need to navigate spending extended periods of time together.

“Taylor and Travis haven’t spent long stretches together before, so this is going to be a test,” a source noted. “They’ll get to discover each other’s weird little habits. They’re going into it with a positive attitude. They think it’ll be fun.”