Watch Taylor Swift Point Right at Travis Kelce While Singing the Line “That’s My Man” in Sydney

Travis Kelce is currently in Sydney watching one of Taylor Swift’s massive Eras Tour performances at Accor Stadium in Sydney, Australia, and fans are convinced she pointed straight at him while singing “That’s my man” (lyrics from her song “Willow,” obvs).

Not quite as legendary as “Karma is a guy on the Chiefs,” but still adorable. Actually, while we’re here, lemme just.

As for what Tay and Trav have coming up, the footballer is currently in his off-season, so chances are he’ll be spending a fair bit of time with the singer on tour. At least, according to his dad, Ed Kelce, who said the following to Us Weekly: “Well, look, we spoke after the Super Bowl, and I asked him, are you going to take off for Sydney, and he seemed keen. He said he’d really like to see Sydney and Singapore, but he wasn’t sure because he has commitments.”

Meanwhile, a source recently told People that Taylor’s experience watching Travis at the Super Bowl was “thrilling,” and that “She’s loved attending all the games, but this was of course on another level. They partied and celebrated all night. It’s been the best few months for them.”

The insider also confirmed that the two are “making plans for the summer and are excited to travel together in Europe when Taylor takes her tour there.” Sooooo it seems like Travis is basically planning on spending as much time with Tay as he can, which we love to hear!