Watch Taylor Swift caught having wild thoughts about Travis Kelce on stage in revealing video from Eras Tour.

Simply the thought of Travis Kelce is enough to spark a big reaction from Taylor Swift. As she waits for the Kansas City Chiefs star to join her on the Eras Tour in Australia, she went viral for a cheeky gesture with her tongue while on stage performing.

A Swiftie who was at the concert posted a video on Instagram that showed the full sequence of events, leaving no doubt that the spicy gesture can be blamed on Travis Kelce.

In the video, Swift is seen pointing at the person recording, who was there with her family, according to the account that published the video. Her whole family was decked out in Chiefs gear, and everyone was wearing number 87.

She sung the lyrics from her song, The Archer, before sticking her tongue out: “I’ve been the archer / I’ve been the prey.”

You can see the shock and joy of a young fan in the video when he realized the 14-time Grammy winner pointed at him, though it seemed like the jersey he was wearing is what really caught her eye in the lead up to her quickly-gif’d gesture.