WATCH: Taylor Swift calling Ed Kelce ‘dad’ after boyfriend Travis Kelce’s AFC Championship win breaks the internet

The Kansas City Chiefs’ Travis Kelce has been dating the pop star Taylor Swift since September last year. A few months later, and the couple is heading to the Super Bowl this season. They will play the San Francisco 49ers in the final game of the season. The Chiefs’ won the AFC Championship game against the Baltimore Ravens largely due to the greatness of Kelce.

The All-Pro tight end put the team on his back and had his best game of the season, on the road, in a hostile environment, against the team with the best record in the league. Kelce had a lot of support in the stands, especially from his family and his superstar girlfriend. Kelce and Swift have been going pretty strong since they first began dating and the pop star even called Kelce’s father, Ed Kelce, as “dad” after the game.

Swift and Travis’ mother, Donna Kelce, began looking through the crowd for Ed and Travis’ older brother, Jason Kelce, as they strolled across the field. “Where’s — do we have a dad?” Swift asked Mama Kelce. “We have a dad, we have Jason,” the singer then informed the matriarch of the Kelce family.

📹| Taylor walking onto the field with Donna while trying to find Ed and Jason 🕵️‍♀️😂

“Where’s- do we have a dad? We have a dad, we have Jason… Idk I’m gonna do what she (Donna) does.”