watch Taylor Swift and Mom Take off for the super bowl with her Private jet

Taylor Swift will leave a big carbon footprint in the next 10 days, as she’s set to travel nearly 20,000 miles by private jet.

The Karma hitmaker, 34, will make a mad dash from her Eras Tour stop in Tokyo, Japan, in order to get to Las Vegas on Sunday so she can watch boyfriend Travis Kelce, 34, compete in the Super Bowl.

Swift flew 5,477 miles from LA to Tokyo on Monday, following the Grammy awards. On Saturday she will fly 5,530 miles to watch Travis and the Kansas City Chiefs play against San Francisco 49ers, as per The Sun.

The singer — who recently sold one of her jets — will then fly another 8,157 miles to Melbourne to resume her tour, totaling 19,164 air miles.

It comes after the star was ranked as the world’s most carbon-polluting celebrity for two years by analytics agency Yard in 2022.

The ten-day period travel is expected to amount to 122 tons of CO2 emissions, according to the publication.

In her biggest trip to date, Swift flew from Sao Paulo, Brazil to Kansas City – with a stopover in Tampa, Florida.

The journey used 4,151 gallons of fuel, which is believed to be worth $23, 250.

However, a spokesman for Taylor explained she has been offsetting her carbon footprint by buying carbon credits, which support verified projects which help cut global emissions in order to ‘protect vulnerable ecosystems.’

They told she was working to lessen her jets’ carbon emissions by traveling less frequently than in previous years.

‘Before the tour kicked off in March of 2023, Taylor purchased more than double the carbon credits needed to offset all tour travel,’ the spokesperson explained.

In 2022 Yard estimated that Swift’s jet had made 170 flights in seven months, amounting to 8,000 tons of carbon emissions.

‘That is 1,184 times more than the average person’s annual emissions.’