Watch how a little girl’s lemonade stand made more than $1000 to see Taylor Swift 😘😘😘

Christina Wagner and her eight-year-old daughter Charlotte managed to turn lemons into lemonade (literally) after they initially missed out on Taylor Swift tickets.

This mother-daughter pair, from Lawrence, Kansas, are big fans of Taylor Swift. When resale tickets were astronomically high, they didn’t think they had a chance to see one of their favorite pop stars. Not able to “Shake It Off,” Charlotte got to work.

Charlotte took some advice straight from Taylor’s songs and decided to “make the friendship bracelets.” She started a lemonade stand to raise money for Era’s Tour tickets and sold them.

Because of her hard work and persistence, she ended up earning $1,300 –just enough for two tickets for the concert of her dreams. While selling bracelets and lemonade, Charlotte and her mom befriended a fellow Swiftie fan, who was able to secure tickets at face value.

Looks like Charlotte and her mom made it “Out of the Woods”…and right into the stadium.

Watch this 8-year-old Swiftie’s wildest dreams come true after a very successful lemonade stand.