Travis Kelce’s mother, Donna, will be making appearance on ‘The Price Is Right’

Donna Kelce, the mother of Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and Eagles center Jason Kelce, helped launch a charity campaign in Kansas City last year. She’ll appear on “The Price Is Right” in February. TAMMY LJUNGBLAD CBS is bringing back a prime-time version of the game show “The Price Is Right” in February, and it’ll air just days before Super Bowl LVIII. That’s noteworthy because this edition of “The Price Is Right” will be Super Bowl themed, as host Drew Carey revealed on “The Talk.”

“So, yeah, Donna Kelce was there,” Carey said, “because she’s like the most famous football mom right now.” Carey isn’t wrong. Kelce was in the spotlight leading up to last year’s Super Bowl, when her sons

Travis and Jason were playing for opposing teams. Donna Kelce has appeared in multiple commercials since then and her cookies were on sale at GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium last month. She’s also been a guest on talk shows and landed endorsement deals. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Donna Kelce said she recorded the guest spot on

“The Price Is Right” last week, which was perfect timing because she already had planned to go to the Chiefs-Chargers game in Los Angeles. Donna Kelce explained what she’ll do on the episode of the show, which will air Feb. 7, per Entertainment Tonight. “It was basically to tell the contestants what’s coming up, what they’re going to be bidding on and some of the prizes that are going to be offered,” she said in an Entertainment Tonight interview. Donna Kelce said she’s been a fan of “The Price Is Right” for years. “I’ve been watching this since I don’t even know when, but yeah, we do watch ‘The Price Is Right’ for sure,” she said. “It’s fun. It’s just a blast. It’s just, you know, the excitement and trying to figure out what the prices are, what’s coming next, who wins, who loses. And so it’s really awesome.“