#EXCLUSIVE : #TravisKelce won’t be able to attend the #Grammys for #TaylorSwift’s big night! 😱

Taylor Swift’s been showing up to her boo Travis Kelce’s games to cheer him on … but he won’t be returning the favor during her big night at the Grammys — but for good reason.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ … the Kansas City Chiefs tight end will actually be arriving in Vegas the same weekend as music’s biggest night … where he and the team will be on a strict schedule ahead of squaring up to the 49ers for the Super Bowl.

This kills any hope from Swifties that TK would show up as Taylor’s plus-one at the Grammys — as they all realized his spot in the SB meant he’d no longer play in the Pro Bowl the same day … and would therefore technically be free to hit up the Grammys with Tay Tay.

Of course, the conflict in their schedule doesn’t signal any trouble in paradise between the pair … remember, he just dropped the L-bomb after the Chiefs earned their way to the Super Bowl following a 17-10 win over the Baltimore Ravens. AKA, they’re doing just fine.

While TK’s been soaking up Taylor’s PDA-packed show of support lately, many NFL’ers haven’t … blasting the singer for making the games about her — even though she has no control over the stadium cameras … something both he and she have made abundantly clear.

For his part, Travis is totally aware of the venom directed at his woman … telling off-field reporters days ahead of the AFC Championship Game they frequently discuss blocking out all of the “outside noise.”