“Travis Kelce publicly declared his love for Taylor Swift for the first time, as microphones captured the moment he embraced his girlfriend and expressed, ‘I love you.’ The affectionate gesture, including a kiss and a hug, unfolded in front of millions of people.”

Travis Kelce has declared his love to Taylor Swift for the first time, withmicrophonescatching him embracing his girlfriend – and telling her: ‘I love you.’Immediately after the Chiefs’ huge win in Baltimore, Swift came down to the field and the pair shared a very public and passionate kiss, with the world’s cameras upon them.

In that immediate embrace, it has been suggested that Taylor said ‘I love you’ to Travis without him verbally reciprocating the gesture.But a new clip has now surfaced, with the NFL’s microphones following Kelce around the field, in which he does indeed say the L-word to his girlfriend.

Meeting her for a second time on the field, Travis approaches Taylor to say: ‘Tay, I’m going to enjoy with the guys’… before kissing her again and declaring: ‘I love you.The high-profile pair then share a tight hug, before Swift tries to create some privacy by whispering something into Kelce’s ear. As the pair break apart, she then says ‘EVER’.

it is the first time cameras have caught the pair publicly declaring their love for each other, with their relationship now four months old.Swift has attended 12 of Kelce’s games this season, and is now expected to make it 13 – her lucky number – at the Super Bowl in Las Vegas in a fortnight’s time.

In the game itself on Sunday night, Kelce was in incredible form once again, catching all 11 passes thrown his way – and he opened the scoring with a touchdown, too.Making the Super Bowl is also well-worn territory for the superstar tight end, who will play in his fifth showpiece over the last four seasons on February 11 in Las Vegas.