Travis Kelce Is a Better Dancer Than Taylor Swift:‘Dance Moms’ Alum Abby Lee Miller

Abby Lee Miller has some thoughts on who has better dancing skills between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift.

While chatting with guest Crystal Hefner on a recent episode of Miller’s “Leave It on the Dance Floor” podcast, the pair discussed Swift’s dancing abilities. Hefner, 37, recalled a time when Miller, 58, critiqued Swift’s form but wasn’t sure whether she should bring it up.

“That Taylor Swift is pigeon-toed? Yes, you can say that,” Miller said. “And her boyfriend is a much better dancer. Let’s leave it at that.”

Hefner agreed that Kelce, 34, has some good moves, and the infamous Dance Moms choreographer agreed, adding, “He’s a great dancer.”

When Hefner asked whether Swift, 34, could still fix her form, Miller said it was “too late,” but Miller noted she doesn’t think the pop star’s dancing abilities will hinder her career.

“I don’t think she’s worried about it. I don’t think that’s her top priority right now,” she explained. “However, I think she does probably think she should have danced as a kid. You know they had her slumped over that guitar playing. I loved her music then, that’s the Taylor Swift I fell in love with.”

Nearly one week after the episode dropped, Miller reshared the moment from her podcast via her TikTok page.

“Everyone can benefit from a class with me 😉,” she captioned the video. “I’ve seen clips of @Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, @Travis Kelce, dancing it up both on the field and off. I think he’s a natural! Most football players like to show off! He’s a showman with swagger at heart!”

While Miller may think that Kelce is lighter on his feet, the alleged obstacle hasn’t held Swift back. The Grammy winner hit the road for her Eras Tour at the start of this year. In addition to singing nonstop for more than three hours each show, Swift has also included choreography throughout her set.

Choreographer Mandy Moore, who created several routines for Swift’s shows, shared in November which number is the singer’s favorite.