Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift “Match So Well”: Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes is cheer captain of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s love story.

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback is sharing insight into his teammate’s romance, recalling when the singer and tight end decided their relationship no longer needed to be on the sidelines.

“He realized how cool of a person she was and she is,” Patrick said in a preview for a Dec. 25 episode of CBS Mornings. “So, for us, I mean, there were a couple of jokes here and there in the beginning, but she’s just part of Chiefs Kingdom now and she’s part of the team.”

And that team spirit extends to Patrick’s wife Brittany too, who even has a special handshake with the “Bad Blood” singer. “It’s cool that she’s embraced Brittany,” Patrick noted, “and they’ve built a friendship as well.”

But above all, the NFL star is simply happy for his teammate.

“He’s lucky enough to be with a great girl and a great woman,” Patrick continued, “and it’s been cool to interact with her because she’s top tier of her profession—and how she drives and she becomes that, it’s really cool to hear about and to see.”

In fact, Patrick notes that he’s gained a new perspective on the Grammy winner firsthand.

“I’m glad that she’s the person that she is,” he shared, “and that’s why I think her and Travis match so well.”

The insight into the couple’s ongoing romance comes just days after Taylor made yet another game day appearance to support Travis—this time with her dad Scott Swift—as the Chiefs defeated the New England Patriots on Dec. 17.