Haters may have had enough of the Kansas City Chiefs’ tandem of Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes. But their star, and that of their most famous fan, Taylor Swift, is still rising.

Is the NFL’s dominant duo of Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce getting too much air time?

The Kansas City Chiefs tandem have certainly become familiar postseason fixtures earning their way to their fourth Super Bowl in five years. They have also become fixtures in TV commercials – you’ve likely seen them together in ads for State Farm Insurance or individually in spots for T-Mobile and Subway (Mahomes), and DirecTV and Experian (Kelce).

If you think you are seeing a lot of Mahomes and Kelce in TV ads, you are not imagining things. During the NFL’s 2023 regular season, Kelce appeared in more commercials (375) during NFL games than any other celebrity, The Wall Street Journal reported, citing data from ad-measurement firm iSpot.

Mahomes came in second with 341. Jake from State Farm (played by actor Kevin Miles) came in third with 247 ad appearances. Mahomes, Kelce and Chiefs coach Andy Reid have each appeared in State Farm ads with Miles.