Tom Brady offers perspective on Patrick Mahomes ‘threatening’ his NFL GOAT status

Forget Taylor Swift’s impact in the NFL, the most talked about topic right now is Patrick Mahomes insane first six years as an NFL professonal. Should he continue going down this path, the Kansas City Chiefs’ QB will only have himself to surpass and Tom Brady’s 7-rings record is in serious jeopardy.

There was a wild stat of comparison between both stars after six years in the NFL and Patrick already surpasses Mahomes in many different areas. Let’s start with the regular season record, where Mahomes is 72-22 and Brady was 70-24 on his first six years playing as a professional. In the Playoff record, Mahomes also surpasses Brady with a 14-3 record over Tom’s 12-2.

Is Tom Brady worried about Mahomes threatening his records?

In AFC titles, Patrick Mahomes just won his fourth and surpassed Tom Brady’s 3 titles with the New England Patriots. Pending the Super Bowl result, Mahomes can mach Brady in Super Bowl rings (3). But get this, the TD/INT ratio is off the charts with Mahomes. Currently, Patrick has 258 touchdown passes with only 69 interceptions. Brady had 167/87 after six years in the Patriots. Even in QB rating, Mahomes’ 103.7 surpasses Brady’s 88.4 rating.

The numbers don’t lie but Tom also has a good point when he spoke on ‘The Pat McAfee Show’. Tom was the first-ever NFL star to win more Super Bowl rings than any franchise in history. Also, he gave flowers to every all-time great QB he could think of.

Here’s what he told Pat: “I think that, there’s nothing that Patrick can do, in my opinion, that takes away from what I tried to accomplish in my career. And there’s nothing that I did that can take away from what he’s trying to accomplish. All I tried to be was the best I can be. I could never be Steve Young; I can never be Joe Montana. I can never be Dan Marino or John Elway. These are my childhood idols. And they had incredible careers and they put as much as they could into their career and I really respect that. And I just try to do the same thing. And believe me, if anyone can go out there and win seven Super Bowls, I have so much respect for them. I understand how difficult it is. I’m going to congratulate them and give whoever it is a big hug.”