Though Rolling Stone confirms that Taylor Swift will attend the Grammys, they also said that she will not be performing on the show as she has to fly to Japan immediately after for four back-to-back Eras Tour there

Swift – who, like Kelce, is 34 – is programmed to perform a sold-out concert in Tokyo the day before the Super Bowl as part of her Eras tour. There is a 17-hour time change between Tokyo and Las Vegas, the city hosting the Super Bowl; and the flight is expected to take about 12 hours, causing some to fret that she may not be able to make it to the game on time and potentially deprive fans of an on-field embrace that would be fitting of one of her music videos.

But the Japanese embassy stepped up to allay those worries.

“The embassy of Japan in the United States is aware of recent media reports concerning the steps Taylor Swift will need to take to travel from Tokyo after her concert on 10 February to Las Vegas in time to watch the Kansas City Chiefs play in Super Bowl LVIII,” the embassy wrote on X.

“Despite the 12-hour flight and 17-hour time difference, the embassy can confidently Speak Now to say that if she departs Tokyo in the evening after her concert, she should comfortably arrive in Las Vegas before the Super Bowl begins,” said the embassy, making a pun on the name of one of Swift’s most famous albums.

Strategically using the names of two more Swift albums in its statement, the embassy added: “We know that many people in Japan are excited to experience Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, so we wanted to confirm that anyone concerned can be Fearless in knowing that this talented performer can wow Japanese audiences and still make it to Las Vegas to support the Chiefs when they take the field for the Super Bowl wearing Red.”

But a tight schedule may not be the only possible complication for Swift’s plan to attend Kelce’s Super Bowl showdown with the San Francisco 49ers. Air traffic around Las Vegas at the time the game is expected to be heavy, and most spots for landing private aircrafts are reportedly already taken.

Swift’s team could not be immediately reached for comment about whether it has a plan for the shortage of private aircraft parking spots in and around Las Vegas.