The World’s renowned musicians Taylor Swift,Adele, Elton John And Drake will no longer be available on TIkTok as their music publisher has announced to end deal with the network…

Taylor Swift, Adele, Drake and Elton John among massive list of world-leading artists who will no longer be available on the video hosting service after UMG said it is not renewing deal.

The group looks set to take all its songs off the video platform app after a breakdown in talks over the social media site’s licensing agreement.

In an open letter, the group accused TikTok of ‘bullying’, adding that they only wanted to pay a ‘fraction’ of the rate offered by other platforms for the catalogue of millions of songs, however, the Chinese-owned social media called this a ‘false narrative’.

While Universal claims the social media platform, with more than one billion users, accounts for just one percent of their revenue, the move will result in many of TikTok users’ favourite artists and sounds being removed.

Artists signed to the world’s biggest label include Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Drake and many more.