“The joy of the NFL star has not gone unnoticed, particularly by Hunt’s eldest daughter, Gracie. During a recent appearance on the OutKick the Morning podcast last Sunday, she expressed how ‘special’ it has been to witness the happiness of both him and Taylor Swift in their relationship with Kelce.”

I’ve had a chance to meet her at one of the many games that she’s attended this year, and she’s just as sweet as she can be,” he continued. “I also got to see her play here twice this past summer, and what an incredible performer. Just one of the most amazing artists of our time.”

The CEO said that Swift, 34, and Kelce’s romance has made it a “very fun year” due to the new attention on the team and the growth of its female fanbase.”It was purely organic,” Hunt said. “When they were just starting off dating, there were a lot of people saying, ‘Oh, it’s a marketing stunt.’ But no, it’s very real. And as I said, the most important thing is we’re happy for the two of them.”

The Chiefs drafted Kelce, 34, in the third round of the 2013 NFL Draft. Making Kansas City, Missouri, his home was something a source told PEOPLE made him “genuinely happy.”

He loves KC. He’s genuinely happy there, and that’s why he chose to put down real roots,” the source shared with PEOPLE in this week’s cover story on him and his brother Jason. The source said that one of the reasons why he also loves the city is because he has “a lot of friends” living in the nearby area.

Most of his friends are just normal guys and a lot he’s known since college. He’s a very loyal guy and a lot of his friends have been in his life for a long, long time,” the source said.The NFL star’s happiness has been witnessed by Hunt’s eldest daughter Gracie, who shared during an appearance on the OutKick the Morning podcast in December that it’s been “special” to see how “happy” he and Swift are.

First of all, I think we’re all so excited to see two such phenomenal people happy. I mean, it’s so easy for us to cheer for and for the entire world to cheer for because they’re wonderful for each other, and it’s just been so fun to watch this love story unfold,” Gracie said.