The incredible statistic of the Kansas City Chiefs that places them above the NFL’s greatest dynasties

Detractors of the Kansas City Chiefs still refuse to grant them dynasty status. However, the team led by head coach Andy Reid, quarterback Patrick Mahomes, and tight end Travis Kelce has already surpassed all the great teams of the last ten years in several departments.

Statistics don’t lie; the Chiefs are the best team of the last decade with an overall record of 117 wins and 46 losses. This figure is above the New England Patriots, who have a record of 103-60 in the same period. More than half of that span, the Pats had the duo of head coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady at the helm.

Third place is held by the Pittsburgh Steelers with 102-59-2, followed by the Green Bay Packers with 101-61-1, and the top 5 is closed by the Seattle Seahawks with 99-63-1. In the top five, only the Patriots are considered a dynasty, and even then, the Chiefs have already surpassed them. Kansas City also dominates the statistic of points scored, with 4,398, above the 4,266 of the New Orleans Saints, the 4,191 of the Dallas Cowboys, and the 4,083 of the Baltimore Ravens.

The Chiefs are the most uncomfortable visitor in the NFL
The Chiefs’ dominance is not limited to Arrowhead Stadium. On the road, Reid’s team is also a force to be feared, with 56 wins to just 25 losses. They are followed by the Pats at 49-32, the Saints at 47-35, the Steelers at 46-34-1, the Seahawks at 46-35-1, and the Cowboys at 46-36.

While the numbers speak for themselves, the human factor is integral to Kansas City’s status as the NFL’s newest dynasty. Mahomes and Kelce are two of the most feared players in the league, and Reid is one of the most respected strategic minds working today.

The Chiefs trinity is surrounded by a constantly improving team that has been able to capitalize on free agency and continues to bring in new talent in the drafts. In addition to the leadership of the Hunt family, which has given Reid the tools to create a team capable of giving the best in history a run for their money.

The human factor of Kansas City
Together, they have won Super Bowls LIV, LVII, and LVIII. Mahomes is barely seven years into his career and, barring some misfortune, his career could last many more years, perhaps enough to equal Brady’s record of seven Super Bowl rings.

Kelce, for his part, has already been a professional for 11 years and is one of the oldest tight ends in the NFL. Despite this, his return is guaranteed at least for next season, which increases the chances of adding more trophies to the Chiefs’ showcase, consolidating their status as a dynasty.