Taylor Swift’s incredible act with young fan During her ERAS Tour in Australia goes viral

A young Taylor Swift fan has been plucked from a crowd of almost 100,000 at the Melbourne MCG to meet the singer in an unforgettable moment.

Milana Bruno, 9, was so far back in the crowd on Friday night she and her younger sister could barely see the stage.

“My girls were dancing on the chairs because they were so far back they couldn’t really see her,” Milana’s mother Renato Bruno told the Herald Sun.

During the concert two staff members approached her and asked if Milana was her daughter.

“She has to come with us,” they said.

When she asked why her daughter was being marshalled away, Ms Bruno said the staff member just smiled.

“Trust me, she is going to want to come with us,” she said.

Ms Bruno and her other daughter followed behind Milana as she was led through the crowd of adoring fans towards the stage.

In a heartwarming moment that has since gone viral Milana and Taylor Swift embraced with the young girl giving the singer one of her friendship bracelets in exchange for Swift’s iconic “22” hat.

The pair then had a brief conversation before Swift gushed to Milana: “Awh thank you so much for coming.”