TaylorSwift is en route to Las Vegas to watch Travis Kelce compete in the Super Bowl!

1:30 PM PT — Taylor Swift is in the building!!! CBS’ broadcast just showed the pop star pulling up to Allegiant stadium.

Taylor Swift is on the move — she just took off in a private jet headed to Las Vegas … and just in time too, ’cause the Super Bowl is low-key about to start pretty damn soon!

The pop star boarded her aircraft late Sunday morning — flying out of L.A. and heading to Sin City to see her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, and the Chiefs take on the San Francisco 49ers at Allegiant Stadium. Everyone assumed she’d be there, and she’s on her way now.

TayTay was once again being covered by umbrellas (just like yesterday) as she got on her PJ — and from the looks of it … she and the peeps she’s rolling with are rocking Chiefs gear.

She oughta be landing pretty soon here … and from the looks of it, her motorcade is already waiting for her in Vegas. She’s got a brigade of SUVs all set — as if she was POTUS! We suppose we wouldn’t expect anything less for T-Swift, she kinda is American royalty.

Anyway, it looks like our theory of her crashing in L.A. for the night after a long flight from Tokyo ended up being correct. Rather than just go straight there, she laid low for a night.

It was a whirlwind trip for her, no doubt, and she’s probably running on fumes right now.

And yet … she’s being a total trooper and making the trek to Vegas to see Travis, where she’ll get a chance to cheer her head off on the biggest stage in American sports. And yes, as we reported — she’ll be in a private suite with her fam and Travis’ brood too, no question.

Folks have been glued to their screens to see when Taylor will be landing in Vegas — and now, it looks like she’s pretty much at the finish line. The flight from L.A. is like 45 minutes.

Her being at the Super Bowl is this fairytale story coming full circle … her NFL journey has been one for the ages — and it’s either gonna end in pure bliss with a W, or something else.

At any rate … we’re all stoked to see how it plays out, and we’re sure TK’s happy too.