Taylor Swift says she can relate to her song, ‘Eyes Open’: “I relate to it and resonate with it a lot which makes sense because I wrote it” #TokyoTSTheErasTour

In front of 12,000 hysterical fans at New Zealand’s Vector Arena in Auckland, the 22-year-old pop country superstar performed the second song she wrote for the upcoming film, “Eyes Open.”

The song’s lyrics touch on the film’s darker tones, regarding the loss of innocence and the need to stay strong in tough times.

“Yesterday we were just children / Playing soldier just pretending / Dreaming dreams with happy endings,” she sings on the track. “In backyards, waging battles with the wooden swords / But now we’ve stepped into a cruel world / Where everybody stands and keeps score.”

Lyrically, Katniss Everdeen, portrayed in the film by Oscar-nominated Jennifer Lawrence, can relate to the tune.

But all 24 teen tributes competing in The Hunger Games can relate in the chorus, as Swift sings, “Keep your eyes open / Everybody’s waiting for you to break down / Everybody’s watching to see the fallout / Even when you’re sleeping, sleeping / Keep your eyes, eyes open.”

While the live rendition was performed acoustically, the single, which will be released March 20, has big guitar riffs and a rock-inspired beat. “Eyes Open” joins Swift’s other song for the film, “Safe & Sound,” along with songs from Kid Cudi, Miranda Lambert, The Decemberists and Arcade Fire.