Taylor Swift Sadly reveals she Misplaced her “Friendship Bracelet” during her Just Concluded Eras Tour Performance in Sydney. The Pop Star has Placed a REWARD to Any Fan Who ‘Sees and Returns the Bracelet back to her’

Taylor Swift has finally arrived on Australian shores — and has brought her global Eras Tour with her.

The songstress played a 44-song setlist at the Melbourne Cricket Ground last night, taking her Swifties on a journey through her musical “eras”, singing songs from her first album to her last during the three-and-a-half-hour show.

While a lot can happen in 210 minutes, there were some special standout moments for both Swift and her Swifties at the Australian opener, with the pop icon being moved to tears, sharing some easter eggs about her new album, and dropping a subtle shoutout to her NFL beau.

Taylor Swift and a very lucky fan shared a heart-warming moment mid-concert, an experience that will probably stay with the young Swiftie for years to come.

During the Red era section of the show, the pop icon danced on to the stage decked out in an oversized white tee, black shorts and a little black hat for her 2013 hit 22. The outfit — one of 16 costume changes — was a similar ensemble to the one she wore in the song’s music video 11 years ago.