Taylor Swift reacts to fans wearing Travis Kelce’s Kansas City Chiefs jerseys during her ‘Eras’ stop in Melbourne, Australia.

The night was certainly sparkling for Swifties in Australia over the weekend.

A family of four snagged front row tickets to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour show in Melbourne last Sunday – and was noticed by the singer as they were rocking Kansas City Chiefs jerseys with Travis Kelce’s name and number emblazoned on the back.

Love never goes out of style. Taylor Swift offered her stamp of approval on one family’s themed ensembles for her recent Eras Tour stop, which drew inspiration from boyfriend Travis Kelce’s Kansas City Chiefs jersey.

The 34-year-old singer threw a “Like” on an Instagram reel showing a family of four living their best front-row-seat lives at one of her performances in Melbourne, Australia, last week. In a collection of photos and videos from the event, one kiddo wears a classic Kelce No. 87 jersey with the front numbers bedazzled in glittering gold. Another youngster, holding a sign proclaiming it to be their “very first concert,” wore a white t-shirt covered in red hearts and gems. Both children were full of smiles with Swift’s lucky No. 13 painted on their cheeks, with the older boy breaking down into heartwarming tears at one point as he became overcome with emotion during the performance. The adults were also repping Chiefs jerseys, with the woman rocking a sequin mini-dress version.

“Set your life on fire, seek those who fan your flames. – Rumi @killatrav wasn’t in attendance but he was in spirit y’all,” a caption on the original post reads. The user, Laura Elizabeth Luther, followed up with plenty more content from the family’s big day out, including a screenshot of Swift offering a thumbs up on her video.

She also called out critics who had nasty things to say about her little boy’s tears of joy, sharing an adorable video of the child doing his best impression of a Kelce touchdown celebration.

“Two things can be true at once internet trolls, little boys can love female artists and love football. The video of Jagger playing @nfl pretending to be @killatrav @chiefs was recorded in January,” she wrote in her caption. “I never knew the internet carried so much hatred for little boys that show their emotions and sing @taylorswift lyrics until now.”