Taylor Swift has reportedly given $100 tip each to the four employees of M&T stadium

“So I work on suite level @ M&T Bank Stadium and got word the freight elevator would be closed from 1pm-3pm due to her entourage and security. I had to deliver some things but she arrived around 1:30ish.

We were forced to stand in the back corner while she walked past but I only caught I glimpse of her.
Fast forward to the end of the game. I was moving some things downstairs and needed the freight elevator but yet again they had to hold it.

This time none of our bosses were there to dispel us so security let us hang around. She was feverishly thanking everyone (employees) for our help and thanked us repeatedly.

A coworker got her attention by calling her name then she walked over and asked her “Do you work here?”. She then announced she’d tip all of us for our service and pulled out a blue money phone inside an envelope, very modestly. She personally handed about 4 of us a blue note while thanking us before taking off. I still can’t believe it happened. We lost but what a day.
Thank you Taylor!”