Taylor Swift bought a private jet to serve the Eras Tour and also to conveniently go on a date with Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift touched down in Argentina on Wednesday afternoon ahead of her Eras Tour shows — but beau Travis Kelce wasn’t on the private jet with her.

The “Cruel Summer” singer landed to an onslaught of fans and press, so she delayed getting off the plane but eventually emerged with her publicist following behind her.

Fans hoping to get a glimpse of the Kansas City Chiefs tight end didn’t appear to be disappointed, as a livestream showed Swifties shrieking in excitement to catch a blink-and-you-miss it shot of the performer.

She eventually made her way into an SUV but concealed herself with an umbrella.

Swift, 33, will perform in Buenos Aires on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, but it’s unclear whether Kelce, 34, will join her over “I’m not trying to go and f–king be out and about if we’re out here losing,” he continued — before expressing relief over his team’s “fortunate” 7-2 record this season.