Taylor Swift at the Grammys tonight

Are you ready for it? Taylor Swift‘s profile pictures on X (formerly Twitter), Instagram and Facebook turned black and white on Sunday (Feb. 4), leaving fans in a frenzy.

With the sudden shift on social media, fans wondered whether a Reputation (Taylor’s Version) announcement was imminent and speculated about the chances of it happening on the night of the Grammys, where Swift is nominated for six awards.

“If she ends her damn acceptance speech with ‘there will be no explanation there will just be reputation’ and just walks off. Like, what do we do? What’s the protocol?” one fan tweeted.

Later on Sunday, Swift’s website appeared to be down — but showing a seemingly custom “321” error code, along with an unexplained message: “hneriergrd.” If this is a signature Swift Easter egg, “hneriergrd” can be unscrambled to spell out “red herring.”