Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce make a SURPRISING ‘Announcement’ after on-pitch kiss after Chiefs win that SHOCKS Fans

Taylor Swift attended the Kansas City Chiefs game last night to support her boyfriend Travis Kelce, with the duo even sharing a sultry smooch on the pitch after the KCCs made it to the Super Bowl.

The 34-year-old Anti-Hero singer was in Baltimore on Sunday night to watch on as her boyfriend and his team played against the Ravens, with the KCCs winning 17-10 in the AFC Championship.

After the triumphant win, Taylor made her way onto the pitch, wrapped her arms around her man and gave him a big smooch.

Speaking to The Mirror, body language expert Judi James has analyzed the couple’s smooch. She told us: “This has to be the PDA the fans have been waiting for. Part celebratory thanks to Kelce’s sporting win, it also seemed to be a visual announcement of the depth of affection between him and his super A-list girlfriend.”

Touching on the body language Taylor exuded, Judi noted how Taylor approached Travis with “signals of cute-looking coyness and modesty, with her shoulders slightly hunched as she raises her hands tentatively to offer a hug”.

She went on: “Her sweet smile with her raised and rounded cheeks make her look like an adoring fan as well as a girlfriend but when Taylor moves closer she throws her arms around his neck to encircle him round the neck with her arms for the ‘ownership’ hug.”

Judi added how when the pair stood together on the pitch, they rocked from side to side, which is said to be a “gesture similar to the rocking hug they performed at the side of the stage after her concert”.

“It’s a hug that registers both affection and celebration,” Judi said, adding: “It showed as a unique hug that defined their romance though as, when Kelce went to hug his dad and other family members, he did a static hug.”

‌According to the expert, Taylor “cutely” hid the kiss she shared with Travis with her head, which was much like “a shy, love-struck teenager”. Judi then revealed: “Shyness is an integral symptom of authentic love, although the gesture does also feature her still-empty ring finger, which might have been a hint.