Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Have Had ‘Deep Conversations’ About Their Future : Source (exclusive)

Going into 2024, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are thinking about their next chapter.

The couple has “only been dating for a few months,” but “they’ve had plenty of really deep conversations about their future together,” a source tells Us Weekly exclusively.

Swift, 34, and Kelce, 34, try to focus on making “as much time for each other as possible” amid their “incredibly busy schedules,” the insider adds.

“When they can’t physically be together, they are constantly texting, calling, and FaceTiming,” the source adds. “Taylor’s relationship with Travis is like nothing she’s ever experienced before. They got serious fairly quickly and she was proud to show off their relationship from the jump.”

The couple’s relationship is “off the charts,” the insider says, noting that Swift “feels so different” in this relationship, which is why she has no qualms about making it so public.

“Travis and Taylor have been taking things day by day because his schedule is dependent on the season, but the plan is always to see each other as much as they can,” a second source tells Us, adding that an engagement could be in their future.

Even Swift’s friends “couldn’t be happier” for her because her and Kelce’s “love is the real deal,” the first source reveals. The second insider shares that Swift “can’t wait to spend some time in Kansas City with Travis” and to “spend time” with his friends.

Kelce showed romantic interest in Swift after attending her Eras Tour concert in July. The Kansas City Chiefs tight end hinted at wanting to give the singer his phone number during an episode of his “New Heights” podcast after seeing her on stage. According to Swift, they “started hanging out right after” his public declaration.

“We actually had a significant amount of time that no one knew, which I’m grateful for, because we got to get to know each other,” Swift shared during her TIME Magazine profile earlier this month.

Not only did Swift and Kelce get to know each other, but their families have since met and “get along great,” the second source tells Us.

“Taylor and Travis make each other so happy so their families and friends are very supportive of their relationship and of them spending as much time together as possible,” that same insider adds.

As their relationship continues, the second source teases what’s next for the couple. “When the football season is over Travis plans to go out and meet Taylor on tour as much as he can,” the insider shares.