Taʏlor ꜱwɪft breaks the internet! ꜱinger announᴄes NEW albᴜm The Tortured Poets Department ᴡhile picking up 13th Grammy aᴡard and her Instagram page goes down after ᴄover ᴄlocks 2.2million likes in five minutes 😍😍

The singer, 34, was awarded with her 13th Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album, for her last record Midnights, when she told the audience she had a surprise for them.

‘I want to say thank you to the fans by telling you a secret that I have been keeping from you for the last two years, which is that my brand-new album comes out April 19th.’

It’s called The Tortured Poet’s Department. I’m going to go and post the cover right now backstage.’

Keeping true to her word minutes later she shared the racy cover, which saw her laying on a bed in black underwear and a sheer black top, and caused her Instagram page to temporarily go down.

Right after she left the stage the racy cover of the album, titled The Tortured Poet’s Department, was shared to her Instagram page.

Swift started out her speech by sharing that it was her 13th award – a number she considers lucky.

‘Okay, this is my 13th grammy. Which is my lucky number. I don’t know if I’ve ever told you that.’

‘I want to say thank you to the members of the recording academy for voting this way, but I know that the way that the recording academy voted is a direct reflection of the passion of the fans.’

Minutes after she left the stage, the artwork for the new album was shared to her Instagram, with the caption: ‘All’s fair in love and poetry… New album THE TORTURED POETS DEPARTMENT. Out April 19 [white heart emoji].’