Swiftmania set to sweep the country ahead of the historic Eras Tour

Sydney mum Kim Grima is one of 450,000 lucky Aussies to snag tickets to the Eras tour. (Nine) Taylor Swift's Eras tour set to send Aussie fans into frenzy
Sydney mum Kim Grima is one of 450,000 lucky Aussies to snag tickets to the Eras tour. (Nine) Taylor Swift's Eras tour set to send Aussie fans into frenzy

Taylor Swift’s Eras tour set to send Aussie fans into frenzy

At 34, pop icon Taylor Swift has spent most of her life as a star.

She’s done over 1000 shows, all over the world, but her upcoming Eras tour is sending Swifties like Sydney mum Kim Grima to another level.

“Some people are talking about it as an out-of-body experience! And you see people crying their eyes out and I know that’s going to be me,” Kim said.

Sydney mum Kim Grima is one of 450,000 lucky Aussies to snag tickets to the Eras tour. (Nine)
Taylor is jetting to Australia next month, taking fans on a journey from country singer to global phenomenon – hence the name ‘Eras Tour’.

Doctor Georgia Carroll did her PhD in sociology, studying Taylor Swift’s unprecedented fan base.

She said the tour will be “a once-in-a-lifetime experience”.

“So you kind of do have this universal, cross-generational fan group where it’s everybody from like little kids through to, through the people in their 30s and 40s,” Carroll said.

Swift will do two shows at Melbourne’s MCG before flying up to Sydney for three performances at Accor Stadium, where Kim has scored tickets.

Kim will be attending the concert in a homemade bedazzled bodysuit – dedicating 70 hours of meticulous sewing, sequining and problem-solving to recreate her idol’s outfit.

Kim spent 70 hours emulating one of Swift’s iconic outfits to wear to the concert. (Nine)
“When she sings her lover era as part of the concert, this is the bodysuit that she wears – hers was made by Versace, it would have cost in excess of $20, 000 so I’ve tried to replicate it as best as I can!,” Kim said.

“It just catches light from every direction, so trying it on has definitely made me more excited!”

‘Swiftmania’ has now knocked Elvis Presley off his longstanding perch for the most weeks spent at number one on the Billboard 200 album chart by a solo artist.

Data from live music trade publication Pollstar reveals the Eras tour has grossed over $USD1 billion ($AUD1.49 billion), making it the highest-earning concert tour ever.

Behind Eras is Elton John’s Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour which grossed $USD939 million, but that was over 328 shows. Swift hit the record after just 60.

The pop star’s Eras Tour is the highest-earning concert ever. (Nine)
Her influence travels far beyond music, so it’s unsurprising Swift was named Time’s Person of the Year.

In Netflix documentary Miss Americana, we witnessed the star’s conscious decision to sway US politics before urging her fans to vote.

“I wanna do this…I need to be on the right side of history,” she said in the documentary.

And the country’s biggest sport is now capitalising on her cameos at NFL games.

Swift’s romance with Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce has dominated headlines for months.

Dr Georgia Carroll studied Taylor’s fan base during her PhD in sociology. (Nine)
“There was a noticeable uptick in fans being interested in the NFL, being interested in the Kansas City Chiefs, buying his jersey,” Carroll said.

“Even the hint of a rumour was enough to make this really noticeable global impact on interest in the NFL.”

Melbourne University is even hosting “Swiftposium” in the days before Taylor Swift touches down – a two-day conference where academics will get together to analyse the star’s power across music, economics, business, health and culture.

Swift recently began dating Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce. (Nine)
“They received over 400 panel submissions from people primarily in Australia, but also around the world who wanted to come and present their research,” Dr Carroll said.

So what is it about Taylor Swift that has the world watching her every move?

“She’s kind of the only celebrity who will do things like invite fans into her house, send them individual letters,” Carroll said.

The star even made bulk batches of chocolate chip and toasted coconut cookies for the New York secret sessions.

Swift was named Time Magazine’s 2023 Person of the Year. (Nine)
“She’s relatable. I can’t think of any other artist where they’re as relatable as her to so many people,” Kim said.

While diehard fans count down the days, many missed out on the hottest ticket in town and scalpers are reportedly selling tickets for up to 483 per cent of their actual value.

For someone enjoying this scale of success, it’s hard to know what’s next.

But those who have loved her for years are thinking about only one thing.

“You know what? It feels so good to say we get to see her next month!” Kim said.