Simone Biles Reveals ‘Scariest’ Gymnastics Move Named After Her: “Can…Still Do Four”

Simone Biles has etched her name in history for her incredible gymnastics prowess. The Olympic star broke multiple records to become one of America’s favorite athletes. And when she stumbled at the Tokyo Olympics, fans came to support her with full force. No wonder; she’s the true GOAT of gymnastics, and she now has five moves named after her.

In a candid chat with stars Kevin Hart and Kenan Thompson, the gymnast revealed her not-so-favorite move and which one scared her the most. And while having five maneuvers named after her is a big feat, Biles confessed a sad truth behind them.

During the chat, the hosts asked Biles if she could perform all five moves named after her. The gymnast laughed and confessed that, despite the high honors, she couldn’t perform all five of them.

“That’s funny. I can actually still do four out of the five. Like, one of them is too hard that I can’t even do it anymore.”

While she didn’t have a particular favorite out of the five, Biles mentioned that there was one move that intimidated her. This move was featured during her epic comeback on the international stage in Belgium.

“The scariest, I think, is my Biles two on vault, which I just competed in Belgium in October.”

Gymnastics demands a balance of both mental and physical strength. During the Tokyo Olympics, however, Biles suffered from a condition called ‘twisties’ that causes an imbalance between mental and physical coordination. This is dangerous for gymnasts who suffer from the risk of serious injuries.

Biles recalled trying a two-and-a-half twisting vault when it hit her. She lost her sense of awareness mid-air, reporting that she had no idea where she was. Twisties are often infamous for resulting in broken bones, concussions, and other gruesome injuries. But now that Biles has overcome her mental block for the most part, what lies ahead?

Simone Biles’ Olympics return still hangs in an air of uncertainty
Paris Olympics 2024 is fast approaching, and every gymnastics fan wants to know if Biles gets her redemption. Ever since the Tokyo Olympics stint, the star gymnast has been dodging the question and focusing on healing her mental health. However, 2023 brought a ray of hope.

“That’s the end goal.”

Quipped the Olympic hero as she addressed questions surrounding her appearance at the event. She has been diligently preparing to flaunt her best, and with a stellar performance at the World Championships, things are looking up. While the committee makes the final decision surrounding this, Biles is hopeful to make it to the top