A TikToker claimed the wife of Patrick Mahomes stiffed her on a $130 tab.

Brittany Mahomes: former soccer pro, loving wife, doting mother and reported stiffer?

TikToker Jessica O’Connor accused the famous wife of Patrick Mahomes of not tipping an entire hotel staff after an alleged days-long stay at 1 Hotel West Hollywood.

O’Connor – who claimed to have worked at the hotel as a “server, barista, bartender” and more – alleged in a social media video from November 2023 that the interaction happened when Brittany was in town to shop for her wedding dress for her 2022 wedding to the NFL star.

My first interaction with her, she ran up over a $100 tab. She was with her whole posse — Patrick was not there — but I believe their tab was well over $100, maybe $130,” she recalled of the alleged incident.

“$0 tip,” she claimed.

O’Connor said she “let it slide” because “that happens sometimes,” and conceded that she may have done something wrong to not deserve a tip.

But they were there for almost a week I think. And did not tip a single one of our staff,” she further claimed. “Not only did she not tip, she was just genuinely unpleasant.”

O’Connor went on to say she doesn’t think celebrities owe fans “anything,” especially when they’re “out in public”.

However, she reasoned that celebrities should at least think about how they treat others while they’re going through their daily lives.

“As a public figure, you should always go out thinking, ‘OK, the people I interact with are clocking these interactions and they’re going to remember this,’” she said.

O’Connor added that she only judges people by their character and that “one of the easiest ways to judge someone’s character is how they treat someone in a position lesser than them.”