Serena Williams make a return to tennis court with Venus Williams

Serena Williams and Venus Williams recently cleaned up some water puddles on a tennis court before their practice session.The Williams sisters together were a formidable force in the sport until Serena decided to retire. She and Venus achieved great success, winning a total of 22 doubles titles, including an impressive 14 Grand Slam doubles titles.

The sisters also earned three Olympic gold medals together, triumphing in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and the 2012 London Olympics.The 23-time Grand Slam champion bid farewell to the sport in 2022. Since then, Venus has refrained from participating in any doubles matches. When asked about the potential of returning to the doubles court, she decisively stated her disinterest, citing her sister Serena’s retirement from the category as the primary reason.
“When Serena retired I retired from doubles as well. When you have Serena Williams as a partner you have seen the glory at the mountaintop, you can’t go any higher! Sorry I don’t have better news,” Venus wrote.

Recently, Serena Williams took to social media to share a photo of herself and the seven-time Grand Slam champion using foam rollers to soak up water puddles on a tennis court that had formed after a rainfall. However, all their efforts were quickly undone by a downpour just minutes later.

Venus was granted a wild card entry to Wimbledon this year. However, she encountered a disappointing first-round defeat at the hands of Elina Svitolina. The American also sustained an injury during the third game of the match when she unexpectedly slipped and tumbled to the ground with tremendous impact.The former World No. 1 recently took to her YouTube channel to talk about her ongoing struggles with the injury she sustained at Wimbledon – the injury which also significantly impacted her performance at the US Open.

Venus Williams admitted that due to her incomplete recovery and inability to perform her best, she decided to take a break and conclude her season following the New York Slam.

“I went to Wimbledon and sadly slipped in the third game of the match and really got injured. I spent the whole summer pretty injured with my knee, like really struggling with it,” Venus Williams said (at 1:00).

“I didn’t want to miss US Open, made it there, but definitely not my best performance after so much time off after Wimbledon. So, I decided not to play anymore the rest of the year and just give my knee a chance to heal,” she added.
Venus also revealed that her knee is swelling up, making it difficult for her to play tennis.

“Just like pain from sitting around, like my knee hurts, my knee is swelling every day. It’s very difficult to play tennis or any sport when you have like the swelling cycle, when your body won’t stop swelling,” she said.