Serena Williams’ Childhood Coach Busts Out Strong Opinion on Steffi Graf Over One Skill That Only She Mastered

The backhand slice is a shot one will see heaps in the ATP. Players will use the shot in many situations, including reducing the pace or pulling the opponent out of a comfort zone. While it is common in the ATP, fans will rarely see the shot in the WTA. However, we had a master of the shot in Ashleigh Barty, who took the mantle from Steffi Graf. Remembering her style, Serena Williams’ childhood coach praised Graf for her slice.

While players of the WTA don’t often decide to play the backhand slice, one legend of women’s tennis recommended Carlos Alcaraz to use the shot for his Wimbledon final. The Spaniard and Rick Macci remembered the WTA stars with great backhand slices and honored them.

Steffi Graf was a player who redefined the boundaries of tennis. During her prime, she would go on to win 22 Grand Slams, creating a record that stood for a long time. She had the talent and the dedication to training, which took her to new heights. However, she had the backhand slice, a trump card in the WTA, which also helped her make her claim to fame.

Now, more than two decades after her retirement, legendary coach Rick Macci remembers her skills with a shot rarely seen in the WTA. “Just finished a Podcast and was asked who had the best Slice backhand ever on the WTA tour. Many great Slicers and Dicers but the best Woodchipper under pressure who always kept it Low with the same Flow Steffi Graff ran the Show.”

After Graf, Ash Barty took up the backhand slice and used it in her career. She won three grand slams with the shot and went out on a high note

A tennis fan would not see many WTA stars using the shot. However, it was because of the advice of a WTA legend that Alcaraz used the backhand slice to win the Wimbledon.

Carlos Alcaraz reveals the WTA legend’s advice which led to glory
When Alcaraz defeated Novak Djokovic and broke his streak of Wimbledon victories, the tennis world turned upside down. Many called it a change in the old guard and assumed Djokovic’s reign to be over. When asked about how he managed to achieve the task, Alcaraz said that he heeded the advice of Martina Navratilova.

The Czech-American former player told him to use the slice backhand more often. Listening to her propelled him to victory and made it a Wimbledon to remember. While the WTA is not known for players who use the backhand slice often, it was the advice of a legend from the women’s division that launched Alcaraz to victory.