Reba aᴅdrᴇsꜱed Taʏlor Swift’ꜱ behavɪor post-Super Bowl: “I wɪᴛnesꜱed yoᴜ drɪnᴋɪng during the antʜem.”

Reba McEntire expressed a hint of playful jealousy during a recent appearance on to discuss her newly released book, Not That Fancy: Simple Lessons on Living, Loving, Eating, and Dusting Off Your Boots.

Reba admitted to being a longtime admirer of Kansas City Chiefs’ handsome tight end, Travis Kelce.

With a twinkle in her eye, Reba joked about her “madness” at Taylor Swift for dating Travis, as she had previously harbored a “crush” on him.

In her own words, “Oh, my gosh, I am so mad at her because I had a crush on him. Now I can’t have a crush anymore because he’s dating her.”

She revealed the playful dynamics of her relationship with boyfriend Rex Linn in relation to her affection for Kansas City Chiefs’ star Travis Kelce.

The country star, known for her love for the Chiefs and quarterback Patrick Mahomes, playfully recounted how she would admire Kelce’s charm while watching him play, even declaring, “Oh, he’s so cute.”

However, her tone took a comical twist when she shared the moment she discovered Travis Kelce was dating Taylor Swift.

It felt as though her “boyfriend had cheated on” her. She acknowledged that Rex wasn’t at all bothered by her fondness for the football player, quipping, “Isn’t that sad?”

Reba even recalled the moment when Rex teased her after learning about Travis dating Taylor: “Your boyfriend’s got another girlfriend.”

To which she jokingly replied, “Rub it in.”