Real Reason Behind Coco Gauff’s Peculiar ‘Pirate’ Training Move and Its Major Benefits

Hand-eye coordination is a must in tennis! But Coco Gauff is ready to improve her skills in a different way. After winning her first Grand Slam title this year, she is preparing her best to give some tough competition on the court. For which, she recently tried a different technique for tennis practice while covering one eye.

While she has stirred chaos in the tennis world with her different practice techniques, The biggest question is: what is the reason behind the 19-year-old tennis star’s peculiar ‘pirate’ training move?

The third-seeded tennis player has found a new training tactic while getting ready for the 2024 tennis season. She recently shared a video of herself in which she was seen practicing covering her eyes the pirate way. Even after covering her one eye, she was quite amazing on the court. Since then, there have been a lot of questions regarding the reason behind such practices.

According to WebMD, there is a thing called eye dominance in which there is one eye that is white dominant and then the other one. Not only that, it is also required in a lot of different sports, including baseball and golf, other than tennis.

Knowing your dominant eye can help a tennis player understand the game even better and play on the best front. Moreover, now that the 19-year-old is ready to reach the top, with her improved game skills, she has added a new technique that makes her different.

Not only that, but vision conditions and eye health are also quite clear with these kinds of practices. But do you know she is not the only tennis player who has used a weird practice technique? Earlier, the whole number-one-ranked tennis player, Iga Swiatek was also seen taking part in an out-of-the-blue practice method. Along with that, what are the benefits of the training that Gauff is going through?

Other than having a clear motivation for the goal there are a lot more benefits that sit well with this kind of training. Such that it can also help clear the monovision of a person’s eyes, in which one focuses on the far-fetched object while the other one looks out in a little lesser dimension.

In addition, it also creates an experience environment for the player, trying to excel in a particular skill in general. Subsequently, it works best to focus on the target while there are a lot of things going around, just like the way things happened in golf or tennis.