Princess Kate and Prince William’s ‘power move’ dashed Prince Harry and Meghan’s comeback

The PR display over Christmas showed the Sussexes that the monarchy is getting on just fine without them, a royal author said.

A clever PR move by Princess Kate and Prince William have shown Prince Harry and Meghan Markle that a comeback in the UK would be very difficult, a royal author has said.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are reportedly working on a fresh start, following backlash last year for their Netflix documentary and Harry’s bombshell biography Spare. Both further damaged their relationship with the Royal Family, while creating the sense that Harry and Meghan only have their link to the Firm to offer, experts have said.

But Phil Dampier told the Sun: “The royals put on a show of unity at Christmas, with even Prince Andrew’s ex-wife Fergie being allowed to walk to church and join them for lunch. The message was clear – everyone was welcome except Harry and Meghan.”

This, he said, showed the Sussexes that they “can’t hold a candle” to Kate and William, who have “never been more popular”.

Lambasting Harry and Meghan’s career, he added: “Even in America people are fed up with their constant moaning and want them to do something positive. Just turning up at the occasional charity event or being seen at concerts and baseball games isn’t enough.”

Speculation is widespread about the next move for the Sussexes.

Kate and William were all smiles as they walked to the chapel on Christmas morning with their family (Image: Getty)
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at a talk show

Inviting Sarah Ferguson to the event showed solidarity, Mr Dampier said (Image: Getty)
Entertainment expert Mark Boardman told Express US that a move to Hollywood could yield results for the couple, saying: “Regarding the potential Hollywood comeback for Harry and Meghan in 2024, with multimillion-dollar deals in place for multiple book deals, ownership of publication rights to a novel, besides running the Archewell Foundation, the Sussexes are actively shaping their narrative and are certainly not waiting for something to happen.”

He added: “I know from years working in the media that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will indeed certainly be inundated with various offers to attend events and support good causes. This is in addition to being receipt an array of collaborations to speaking engagements that all would equate to a full-time role.”

Meghan has enlisted Beverly Hills talent agency William Morris Endeavour ahead of her long-planned relaunch in the New Year.

Reports of an acting comeback also began rolling in after the duchess appeared in an Instagram ad for a coffee company, a firm she holds shares in. Swapping her warehouse look for some smart-casual office wear the 42-year-old busily typed away at a computer as part of the “only slightly nerdy” digital team.

Some experts have believed this means the Duchess could have a career ahead of her as an “influencer”.

Kinsey Schofield said: “What you saw in that coffee ad was Meghan the influencer and I’ve said it once and I’ll say it a million times: Meghan is going to be an influencer because, really, what else is she capable of doing at this point?”

While Mr Dampier said of the couple’s prospects: “There are no Invictus Games this year – Harry’s one success story – so that won’t help him. She will probably relaunch herself with some sort of lifestyle business similar to Gwyneth Paltrow, and let’s hope she goes down that route rather than writing her own book, which would be another bombshell for all concerned.”