Prince Harry reacts to Prince William, Mike Tindall’s growing closeness

Prince Harry reportedly has issues with Prince William’s bond with cousin-in-law Mike Tindall

Prince Harry is reportedly “upset” as his elder brother, Prince William, grows closer to their cousin-in-law, Mike Tindall.

Harry, the Duke of Sussex, was once a part of William and Mike’s close group, however; following the Sussexes exit from the Royal life, their trio fell apart.

Since then, William and Mike’s relationship has developed stronger as the latter has taken place of Harry in Prince of Wales’ life.

Speaking with The Express, Tom Quinn talked of Harry’s reaction on the matter, saying, “I think Harry has been aware of this for some time and it does upset him.”

“I’ve spoken to a couple of people who know William well and he really does get on very well with Mike Tindall – but then everyone in the Royal family likes Mike Tindall because he has never caused trouble for anyone,” he added.

Sharing how Mike is like while listing some of his qualities, the expert said, “And he is famously good tempered, solid and easy to get on with.”

He continued: “Also, he has no airs and pretensions – he and his wife decided to turn down honours for their children, which is very modest and very unusual.”

“So yes, he is close to William – he has none of the emotional baggage and difficulties that William has with Harry. I think Harry has been aware of this for sometime and it does upset him.”

Harry recognizes their strong bond, and he has the option to intervene and support his brother. However, Quinn doesn’t anticipate that scenario unfolding.

“He sees it as inevitable because he can’t have a close relationship at the moment with William,” he said.