Prince Harry calls out John Travolta for ‘Dining-out’ on the time he danced with Princess Diana

John Travolta and Prince Harry met at the Living Legends of Aviation Awards

Prince Harry probably hears many stories about his famous mother, including from John Travolta who mentioned the time in 1985 when the Look Who’s Talking actor danced with Princess Diana in the White House.

John Travolta and Prince Harry met at the Living Legends of Aviation Awards
Both celebrities met at the 21st Annual Living Legends of Aviation Awards in Beverly Hills as they gave some speeches to the attendees honoring Lauren Sanchez with the Elling Halvorson Vertical Flight Hall of Fame Award

Prince Harry poked fun at Travolta who was named the Official Ambassador of Aviation of the Kiddie Hawk Air Academy, after during his speech he reminisced about the dance he had with Lady Di.

Harry claimed that he was “dining out” on the story. “This is nice,” PH began, “Thank you, Captain John, don’t go running away, I was one year old when you danced with my mom.

“But look at us now, it’s great! So if we’re not going to dance together, we’ll fly together,” he said to the actor who was a good sport about the joke.

The Living Legends of Aviation Awards are organized by the Kiddie Hawk Air Academy, a nonprofit that helps children foster their interest in aviation.

Prince Harry was one of the honorary guests after his experience as a helicopter pilot in the British Army for over 10 years where he flew in Australia, the United States, UK and participated in missions in Afghanistan.

Last Year, during his promo tour of his Spare memoir he spoke to news outlets about his time in the army “I don’t know that you ever fully reconcile the painful elements of being at war. This is something each soldier has to confront, and in the nearly two decades of working alongside service personnel and veterans, I’ve listened to their stories and have shared mine,”