Prince Archie set to attend ‘very exclusive’ kindergarten for ‘celebrity children’

EXCLUSIVE: Both Harry and Meghan went to private schools and it appears the plan is to send Archie to a private school in Los Angeles, a royal expert has claimed.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s son, Prince Archie, is four years old and will be attending kindergarten next year and the plan is to send him to a private school in the L.A. area, says author Tom Quinn.

The reason being, if he were sent to a public school, he may feel out of place and Meghan would be more comfortable with Archie being around children who have a similar background.

He also points out, that Meghan grew up in LA and went to a private elementary school and private high school in the area, so this is what she knows, it’s familiar to her.

Harry has expressed concern about safety issues and that may play a role in the decision-making.

Quinn says of their plans: “The only thing I’ve heard, because of Meghan’s background, working in the kind of Hollywood world, he would be going to a very exclusive school, where the children of other celebrities go.”

He’s seen this before, saying, “I just think Meghan feels comfortable with people who, that’s why she’s living there, like rockstars, their children always go to school together.”

“And, famous actors, their children go to school together.”