“Postpartum life is not easy” Serena Williams shares motherhood moments with baby Adira

"Postpartum life is not easy" Serena Williams shares motherhood moments with baby Adira

Serena Williams Shares a Refreshingly Real Motherhood Moment with Baby Adira & It Shows How All Moms Are Just Doing Our Best

Repeat after me: postpartum life is not easy. It doesn’t matter if you are a celebrity with a team of people or a single mom with no help. Growing a baby takes nine months, so recovering from all the changes your body went through — and the act of childbirth — isn’t quick either. Serena Williams shared a raw look at what postpartum life is really like in a new video with baby Adira, and it’s so relatable.

In the video, Williams is wearing a nursing bra and tank top, while Adira is snuggled up asleep in her arms, propped up by pillows. She has a pump and a heating pad nearby, no makeup on, and a wig that is halfway off. She laughs as she works to tug her wig off, eventually releasing a heavy sigh.

“That’s the video. That’s the shot. That’s coming home from winning Icon of the Year,” the person filming the video says, referencing when Williams won the CFDA Fashion Icon Award in November 2023.

This is real life! Yes, Williams looked glamorous at the award show, but her transition back to mom-of-a-newborn-life is just like anyone who gets comfy after work.

The 23-time Grand Slam Champion opened up about how difficult taking care of a baby is in her caption. “My 2023 included having a baby,” she wrote. “After having a baby it kind of feels like you got hit by a bus. Not only your body, but your mind too. (well, at least for me).”

So many people felt seen in the comments. “that face. that sigh. that giggle. postpartum summed right the hell up! exhausting and exhilarating,” one person wrote.

Someone else said, “Thank you! Finally a REAL recap video! You are the GOAT! 🔥❤️”

“Any mother sees this and thinks now that’s a QUEEN ON HER THRONE. 👏👏👏” another praised.

Kerry Washington commented as well, writing, “Congrats on the new addition 😍 wishing you REST and recovery this new year ❤️”

Williams welcomed baby Adira in August 2023 with husband Alexis Ohanian (they also share daughter Olympia, 6). Since then, Williams has posted many relatable mom moments for her fans, including one behind-the-scenes moment when she’s taking a conference call while bouncing Adira in a baby carrier. What a mom boss move!

The breastfeeding mom also joked on Twitter, “My new fragrance is ‘old spoiled milk’. #momlife”

Motherhood is not always glamorous, and we love how Williams is showing off the messy, exhausting, smelly sides of it!