Patrick Mahomes praises ‘cool’ Taylor Swift for her impact on Travis Kelce and her new friendship with Brittany: ‘She’s part of Chiefs Kingdom – she’s top tier, her and Travis match so well’

It’s a safe bet to count Patrick Mahomes among Taylor Swift’s army of fans.

In an interview with CBS, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback offered his reaction to the pop star’s romance with Mahomes’ long-time teammate, Travis Kelce, saying that she’s been good for the All-Pro tight end, and the team.

‘She’s just part of Chiefs Kingdom and she is part of the team,’ Mahomes told CBS’ Nate Burleson, himself a former NFL wide receiver.

As Gayle King pointed out after the segment aired, Mahomes clearly approves of Kelce’s relationship with the pop star.

‘At first, I felt like everyone kind of stayed away – just let him do what he was doing,’ Mahomes said, describing the beginning of the relationship earlier this fall.

‘And then he started bringing Taylor around and he realized how cool of a person she was, and she is, and so for us, there was a couple of jokes here and there at the beginning,’ he laughed.

Mahomes also discussed the budding friendship between Swift and his own wife, Brittney.

‘It’s cool that she’s embraced Brittney and they’ve built a friendship as well,’ Mahomes continued.

Most of all, Mahomes is happy to see his long-time teammate happy.

‘For me, it’s Travis, man,’ Mahomes said. ‘He’s lucky enough to be with a great girl and a great woman. It’s been cool to kind of interact with her and see, because she’s top tier at her profession, and see how she drives and she becomes that. It’s really cool to hear about and see.

‘And now I have a first-hand look at that through Brittney and Travis’ eyes. It is really cool and I’m glad that she’s the person that she is, and that’s why I think her and Travis match so well.’