Patrick Mahomes and Brittany host a spectacular birthday party for their daughter Sterling

At the end of this weekend, Patrick Mahomes might be fed up with partying as he celebrated not only his 25-22 Super Bowl LVIII victory over the San Francisco 49ers with the Kansas City Chiefs when he became a three-time champion, but his daughter, Sterling Skye, also had third birthday and the Mahomes spared no expense.

Sterling Mahomes, born in 2021, is the oldest child of the star quarterback and his wife, Brittany, and the child has graduated from being an infant to a toddler as she turns three. So, in order to celebrate, she got to wear angel wings and see all of her family whilst also enjoying teacup-shaped cookies and butterflies too.

The couple, who married in 2022 after being engaged for two years, took to Instagram to post a photo of the family members who showed up, which included Patrick Mahomes’ brother, the controversial Jackson, sister and his mother too.

The family seemed to coordinate on white/grey t-shirts and jumpers with the exception of the birthday girl, who got to wear a pink dress with red flowers decorating it as her father held her whilst her mother held her sibling.

After winning his third Super Bowl in six seasons as a starter, one could be forgiven for thinking Patrick Mahomes might be starting to get sick of seeing the Lombardi Trophy placed into his hands every second February.

But that’s not the case. The 28-year-old, despite being a three-time champion, is keen to continue to build his dynasty and legacy in Missouri as he looks set to enter the conversation for greatest quarterback of all-time along side Tom Brady and Joe Montana.

They’ve just become the first back-to-back champions, as a matter of fact, since Brady’s New England Patriots did it in 2004 and they’re not resting on their laurels after already extending the contract of defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo whilst head coach Andry Reid and tight end Travis Kelce have said they won’t be retiring.