Patrick Mahomes aims to surpass Taylor and Brittany’s special handshake with Travis Kelce

“Tay Tay” and Brittany debuted their special salute in October’s game against the Chargers

Patrick Mahomes might be a little jealous of the viral moment his wife, Brittany Mahomes, experienced next to Taylor Swift a few weeks ago. Although it has only happened a couple of times, the special handshake from the two WAGs stole the spotlight from the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, and now he wants it back.

At the end of October, in the game against the Los Angeles Chargers, Taylor and Brittany debuted their special greeting, in which they coordinated some high fives and hip bumps to celebrate a Chiefs score. Minutes later, they did it again, but now they added a chest bump

The moment circulated widely through traditional media and social media, seen from all angles and with all kinds of comments, although most focused on the budding friendship between Swift and Mahomes.

A couple of months later, in an interview with CBS’s Nate Burleson, Patrick Mahomes admitted that the handshake between Brittany and Taylor “is better than me and Travis’s!”

May the best handshake win?
Perhaps a little envious of the special moment between his wife and his friend Travis Kelce’s girlfriend, the Chiefs signal-caller considered creating his own handshake: “Me and Travis need to work on a handshake, and maybe we can debut that on Christmas, and we can see whose handshake is better.”

Jokingly, Mahomes admitted that “that was a solid handshake, and they came with it on the spot,” while he and his tight end will have to do a little planning, although they have time for it “and we’ll outdo them in a little bit.”

Although the NFL Christmas weekend has come and gone without any kind of special handshake between Patrick and Travis, there are still two more regular-season games, and the team is all but assured of a postseason berth, so there is still time for the two players to plan something accordingly.