Neo-Nazi podcasters sentenced to a combined 15 years in prison for calling for the deaths of for calling for the deaths of Prince Harry and his son

Two Neo-Nazi podcasters who called for the deaths of Prince Harry and his son, Archie, were sentenced to a combined 15 years in prison on terror charges on Thursday.

Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan, is biracial.

Gibbons said the Duke of Sussex “prosecuted and judicially killed for treason” and called his son, aged 4, a “creature” that “should be put down,” per the news agency.

The police investigation, conducted by its counter-terrorism command, found that Gibbons also created an online library of more than 500 videos of extreme right-wing speeches and propaganda documents.

Christopher Gibbons, 40, and Tyrone Patten-Walsh, 36, used aliases on their show “Lone Wolf Radio,” according to The Associated Press.

The 21 episodes of the show were rife with antisemitic, Islamophobic, racist, and homophobic views and occasionally called on listeners to commit acts of terrorism, London’s Metropolitan Police said.

In one episode, the pair approved of a day of hanging for those in interracial relationships, according to The AP.

The content, which had been viewed more than 150,000 times, contained seven videos and a further document that encouraged viewers to commit terrorist offenses, police said.

Both men were arrested in May 2021 and charged in August 2021 with several terrorism offenses.

They were convicted of all charges against them following a trial that concluded on July 7.

On Thursday, Gibbons received an eight-year prison sentence for eight counts of encouraging acts of terrorism and two counts of dissemination of terrorist publications.

Patten-Walsh was sentenced to seven years in prison for eight acts of encouraging acts of terrorism.

Following their imprisonment, both will serve three years on probation.

Dominic Murphy, who leads the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command, said in a statement that the sentencing should send a “clear message” to anyone sharing terrorist material.