Natural Beauty: Beyoncé Praised For Her ‘Fresh Face’ As She Goes Makeup Free

Natural Beauty: Beyoncé Praised For Her ‘Fresh Face’ As She Goes Makeup Free

Beyoncé Wears Embroidered Denim Set Over Blue Rhinestone Bra

On Sunday, Beyoncé continued with her private jet fashion show posts and shared another carousel of photos from her travels. In the images taken in and around her plane, the super star is wearing a blue denim set with a pair of embroidered and appliquéd jeans in swirling patterns. On top was a matching knee-length jacket, also covered in sequins and featuring visible stitching.

But the real star of the look was a blue rhinestone bra with perfectly circular cups and an extra band around her high waist. She further accessorized with white sunglasses and a pair of silver pumps. Her hair was in cascading platinum blonde waves down her back.

In the carousel, Beyoncé also included a more casual shot in the jet, a selfie where she’s wearing a more comfortable looking black hoodie. In a few other photos, she posed with the Brazilian flag and in another her husband Jay-Z can be seen behind her in a black jacket, beanie, and sunglasses.

Beyoncé traveled to Brazil this past week, putting in a surprise appearance on Thursday at the Brazilian premiere of Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé, in Salvador, Bahia. She attended a Club Renaissance party, according to Entertainment Weekly, and made a short speech to the excited crowd.

“I came because I love you so much. It was very important for me to be here, right here,” she stated. “The renaissance is about freedom. It’s about beauty, joy, resilience, everything that you are about. And I’m so honored to be here and so happy to see your beautiful faces. I love you so much.”

She also attempted to lead the crowd in her “everybody on mute” challenge, but it proved too challenging for the surprised fans who continued to cheer their idol.